USF Baseball Coach Fired Following Alleged Sexual Misconduct

March 15, 2022 / Athletic AdministrationBaseballCoaching
The University of San Francisco has fired its longtime head baseball coach, Nino Giarratano, following allegations that he and an assistant coach used bullying, harassment, and “sexualized behavior” as intimidation tactics on the field, according to a report NBC Bay Area.

In the report, three USF players have filed a lawsuit against the university, the two coaches alleged to have been involved, as well as the NCA — citing alleged sexual misconduct, bullying, and harassment.

Below is an excerpt from the NBC Bay Area report.

usfAccording to the class action complaint, Giarratano and former assistant coach Troy Nakamura had a history of abuse, ranging from inappropriate yelling and humiliation to wildly sexualized behavior, including sexualized exercises and nudity on the field.

Nakamura was fired in January, and soon after Giarratano was reprimanded, the university said. Giarratano now has been terminated after 22 seasons as the Dons’ coach.

The lawsuit also alleges the NCAA failed to protect the players by not having protocols in place against sexual contact between coaches and student-athletes, and the suit says the university failed to respond to multiple complaints of abuse.

“The student-athletes and their parents are absolutely horrified by the abusive behavior of the coaches, which was compounded by the school’s choice to ignore their pleas for help,” said Elizabeth Fegan, one of the attorneys representing the students.

University records show that of 17 recruits in the 2020 USF baseball class, eight have transferred and two more are attempting to transfer, a 60% attrition rate, the suit alleges. The national average for baseball student-athletes entering the transfer portal is 2%.

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