Tom House Joins NuShoulder to Revolutionize Shoulder Exercise

NuShoulder announced that Tom House, the legendary MLB pitcher and veteran pitching coach, has endorsed its state-of-the-art shoulder exercise machine for the prevention and treatment of shoulder injuries.

The partnership is helping athletes at all levels heal painful shoulders, relieve discomfort and prevent career-ending injuries. Shoulder injuries are among the most prevalent and consequential injuries for rotational athletes such as pitchers, quarterbacks, volleyball players, tennis players, swimmers and golfers.

nushoulder“NuShoulder is the next-generation technology for shoulder health assessment, performance screening, testing and training,” said House. “The machine integrates objective R&D from medical and sports science, enabling athletes to identify and quantify rotator cuff, shoulder and arm issues, then be provided with a functional training regimen to remediate the problem areas.”

Known as the “Father of Modern Pitching Mechanics,” House’s partnership with the NuShoulder machine is monumental, given that he is the world-renowned, highly-regarded authority on the mechanics of pitching.

Tom added, “The machine is user-friendly and can be prehabilitative or rehabilitative. Programs are personally adaptive and tailored to age-specific point-in-time capacities and matched to accommodate competitive throwing workloads. NuShoulder is the only shoulder machine I would recommend to athletes of any age at any level of competition.”

NuShoulder has also partnered with the University of Michigan, which has ordered several machines for its athletic department. The outreach of this new machine to the university levels to support male and female athletes is encouraging, as is the addition of professional teams to its list of users who are beginning to implement it in their training regimens.

“Utilizing NuShoulder this coming season will be a great way for our players to build and sustain strength with specialized training,” said Ben Herbert, Director of Strength and Conditioning for the University of Michigan Football. “It will equip staff and student-athletes with information that we can use to create tailored training programs, maintain shoulder development and understand more about its long-term benefits for shoulder health. Tom House’s reputation as a throwing expert combined with NuShoulder’s technology makes this an exciting project to be affiliated with. It means, even more, to be the first in the college space to use this device.”

The NuShoulder machine was invented by Dr. Kenneth Cervone, an orthopedic surgeon, and runs the full gamut of prevention, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement.

“This revolutionary machine fundamentally changes the way people exercise, train and strengthen the rotator cuff muscles,” said Dr. Cervone, Co-Founder of NuShoulder. “The use of traditional bands and machines is over. NuShoulder assures that you perform the exercises correctly, with perfect form, to isolate the rotator cuff and prevent the activation of antagonistic muscles. NuShoulder takes five traditionally time-consuming and technically demanding stations and makes them simple and convenient with one revolutionizing apparatus. Users transition from each exercise quickly and easily without getting up from the seated platform while the machine collects valuable data on their performance.”

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