Submit your plays, drills and schemes for money

August 17, 2017 / Winning Hoops
Winning Hoops has always prided itself on being a publication for basketball coaches, by basketball coaches. What that means is you, the coach, are involved as a reader and contributor.

Taking part is easy, and Winning Hoops pays cash for the drills, plays and schemes that are published in the magazine. Perhaps you have a favorite passing drill, or maybe you have a handful of last-second plays that are critical to winning close games. Or maybe you want to share your best transition game or wrinkles to your 2-3 zone. There are thousands of ideas out there, and sharing them with the coaching community helps everyone develop better programs.

Here are some of the topics we consider for publication:

  • Motivation: Do you have unique strategies to motivate players in your program?
  • Leadership: How do you develop captains? How do you choose them? What are some of your best methods for developing and building leadership?
  • Drills: Any unique drills. We want to hear how they’re used, why they’re used, and how you’ve modified them to fit your program. How has this helped you on the court?
  • Plays: Any set plays in your offense and the situations where they work best. Provide as much detail as possible.
  • Program building: Anything you’ve done to improve your program on or off the court. This could be strategies to garner support from parents, fundraising or team building exercises. Basically, we want to hear about anything you’ve done to strengthen your program.
  • Schemes: What types of offenses or defenses do you use, and why are they effective? What are your best strategies for trapping, pressure defense, transition offense or pregame warmups?

To be eligible, coaches must submit diagrams of the plays, drills or schemes, along with a description of what’s happening. Diagrams can be hand drawn or created using software, but they must be legible. Authors must include their name, email, phone number, school/organization, city and state. Once the play or drill is chosen for publication, the author will be contacted and paid.

Most coaches have stacks of plays and drills they’ve used over the years, so why not take a couple minutes to submit them for money?

Submissions can be emailed to Editorial Director Kevin Hoffman at [email protected] or mailed to: Winning Hoops, PO Box 128, Sparta, MI 49345.