Sports Analytics Changing the Game with Data

July 15, 2021 / Athletic LeaderTechnology
For some, analytics has changed the way sports are played. Look no further than Major League Baseball, where terms like spin rate, exit velocity, and defensive shifts have become woven into the fabric of the game.

Having an abundance of information at your fingertips can be a great tool in preparation for both coaches and athletes alike. A recent story from highlighted how coaches and athletes are utilizing performance analytics to create better in-game strategies.

analyticsBelow is an excerpt from the article.

Sports performance data analytics help coaches to make smart decisions in recruiting the fit and hit players in their teams for winning challenging tournaments in the nearby future. Athletic performance is important for a player besides being talented on the field. Data visualization tools are providing appropriate performance analytics of potential players according to the team’s mentality and culture.

The global sports performance analytics is predicted to hit US$5.2 billion with a CAGR of 22% in 2024.

Data Science is also providing some hyper-personalized athlete matchups and other tactics to modify the games and dominate opponents with sports performance analytics. Recently, it is one of the modern winning strategies of popular coaches in the sports industry. The coach can predict and plan strategies through data visualization but it is unpredictable to the opponent. Coaches always want to receive sufficient data to gain a competitive edge in tournaments over multiple opponents efficiently.

Athletes can manage their fitness, health, performance, and career through sports performance analytics with the use of Cloud technology, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning algorithms, and wearable sensors. The presence of biomechanical data in the data visualization tools can create multiple new metrics to help in smart decision-making processes.

Sports performance analytics provide detailed statistical information from historical data as well as the potential data to demonstrate appropriate feedback faster to coaches, players, and stakeholders. It also generates video feedback for observation to enhance performance and focus on weaknesses in fields. An informed team with tactical and technical awareness has a higher chance to win important trophies and rank number one in the table.

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