Georgia High School Football Players Save Woman Stuck in Car Crash

August 17, 2022 / CoachingFootball
A Facebook post highlighting the good Samartianship of a Georgia high school football coming to the aid of a woman in a car accident has gone viral.

Players from the Rome High School football team in Georgia acted fast after witnessing a two-car crash where one woman was stuck in a vehicle.

georgiaBelow is an excerpt from the Facebook post and the report.

“This morning I witnessed something amazing that our Rome High Football players did,” math teacher Luis Goya wrote on Facebook. Goya, who works at the school in Rome, Georgia, saw a group of heroic teens save a woman’s life.

“While I was in front of the school during my morning duty, I heard a loud noise at the intersection that appeared to be a wreck,” his post continues. Goya said he ran to the intersection and saw two cars were involved – in one was a woman who couldn’t get out.

“The door was jammed and in terrible shape,” he said. “While I was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher, the football players who witnessed the wreck, ran to the car and started helping the lady.”

“They literally started using their strength to pry the door open, so the lady could be released,” Goya wrote. “After a few seconds of pulling and pushing the door, the boys ended up opening it and helped her get out of the car. She was shaking and still in panic, but our RHS boys gave her comfort and were able to help her.”