Full Swing Helped NFL QBs Prepare for The Match

June 6, 2022 / Athletic LeaderGolfTechnology
As the sports world turned its attention to Las Vegas for the latest version of Capital One’s The Match, they watched some of the game’s best hit the links — the best quarterbacks, that is.

People have followed Aaron RodgersTom BradyPatrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen’s viral smack talk on social media but they also have seen some of them using the latest golf technology from Full Swing to prepare for a worldwide stage at The Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas. Recently, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, both members of #TeamFullSwing, took to Instagram to show off their swings while using the new Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor out on the range to track their swing data and propel their training.

matchA leader in sports technology, Full Swing, has served as the official training technology partner for many TOUR pros for years including Tiger Woods, and has been rapidly expanding to other champion athletes around the globe. For someone like Patrick Mahomes who continues to dive deeper into the game of golf, choosing Full Swing as his trusted golf technology with his in-home simulator and on the range using the KIT launch monitor to prepare him for the Match was a no-brainer.

“I had been eying Full Swing for a while, having seen other pros install them in their houses, I had to get one put in our new house to work on my game,” said Mahomes. “The technology is next level and to have it in the comfort of my own home is pretty sweet.”

While the Full Swing simulator has long been a staple in the homes of players everywhere, the Full Swing KIT is the company’s newest product making waves throughout the golf industry. Most recently seen behind Tiger on the range at the PGA Championship as a crucial piece of his recovery training, the device has gained traction as a result of its more affordable price point ($3,999 or financing as low as $185/month), state-of-the-art technology, accuracy, and ease of use. It has been rapidly adopted on practice ranges around the world by golfers of all skill levels, top instructors, and iconic courses like Pebble Beach – and is now made its way to Las Vegas for Capital One’s The Match.

“More athletes continue to reach out to us as they interact with more pros about how to improve their game faster,” said Jason Fierro, Chief Operating Officer of Full Swing. “Getting calls from Patrick and Josh to install simulators and see them using KIT on the range to prepare for their big moments off the field, lets us know that our products truly are for everyone who values their time and wants to improve their game like the pros.”

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