The ‘Daily Dozen Drill’ From Dr. Greg Williams, formerly of North Hall High School, Gainesville, Georgia

This is a great drill to either begin or finish practices. The object of the drill is to make 12 consecutive layups without the ball touching the floor or committing a turnover.

greg williams daily dozen drill

Split up you post players into two groups, and position them under each basket. Do the same with your guards and wings, and place each group at the half-court line on each sideline. Put two minutes on the clock.

DIAGRAM: Start the drill by having a coach toss the ball off the backboard. A post player grabs the rebound and throws an outlet pass to the guard or wing player breaking to proper outlet position.

The outlet player passes cross-court to the other guard or wing player streaking downcourt for a layup. The post player who grabbed the initial rebound runs downcourt, trailing the play and can tip in any missed layup.

The players must make 12 layups in a row before the clock expires. If the trailing post player makes a tip-in, the count stays alive. If any player misses a layup a tip-in attempt, or a violation occurs (such as a turnover or any dribbling), the layup count resets to zero. The clock, however, continues to run and is not reset.

If the time expires and the required 12 layups aren’t met, your players must run sprints. The number of sprints they run is equal to the number of layups they were short of their goal.

Players must communicate, hustle and stay positive to achieve their goals. This drill builds team unity and teaches your players not to panic under pressure.