‘3-Spot Jumpers Drill’ improves ball handling, scoring off the dribble From Dave Buchanan, formerly of Carroll University, Wisconsin

diagram 1Our simple 3-Spot Jumpers Drill is designed to improve ball handling skills and help players score off of the dribble.

DIAGRAM 1: The drill starts with the shooter at midcourt with the ball. The shooter dribbles hard to the free-throw line and takes a shot.

diagram 2DIAGRAM 2: After rebounding the shot, the player then dribbles hard around the nearest cone. Both cones are placed on the wings outside of the 3-point line. The player finishes at the elbow and takes a jumper.

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If the player misses a shot at any point during this drill, they must execute the same move and repeat the shot until successful. If the player misses the same shot three times, the drill stops and the player starts the entire sequence over.

diagram 3DIAGRAM 3: After rebounding the second shot, the player dribbles hard around the opposite cone to the elbow for a shot.

diagram 4DIAGRAM 4: The player rebounds the final shot, dribbles hard to half-court and sprint-dribbles for a layup.

This drill is timed, and the clock stops when the shooter makes the layup. A good time is 23 to 26 seconds. A great time is 17 to 19.5 seconds.

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