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October 2, 2009

Basketball: Principles for attacking zone defenses

The zone defense remains the scourge of our basketball coaches. Many of them simply rely on superior talent to break all the zone defenses they face.  Other coaches use (1) complicated offenses with "rocket-science" theories, (2) the zone def...

October 2, 2009

‘5-on-4 Scramble:’ Taking the shell drill to another level

Several years ago, our varsity basketball team was struggling through the first half of its season, and it was beginning to affect the way it was practicing. By compromising our work ethic in practice, we had reached the point where one negative was ...

October 2, 2009

Basketball: The benefits of a ‘2280 control defense’

While the 3-point concept has changed the way we think offensively in basketball, it's another story defensively. At every level of play, the offensive goal seems to be get the ball out of bounds as quickly as possible, dribble penetrate to the of...