December 26, 2018 • Winning Hoops

Winning Hoops’ most popular stories of 2018

by Winning Hoops

Another year is in the books, which means it’s time to look back at Winning Hoops’ most popular stories from 2018. This year, coaches spent a lot of time researching strategies to beat zone defenses, run strong programs and resolve conflicts with combative parents.

basketball netHere’s a look back at this year’s most-read stories:

12. The 12 attributes of elite point guards

Great point guard play is easy to recognize, but can be difficult to define. You can talk about John Stockton, Magic Johnson and Chris Paul, and everyone would agree they’re all great point guards. However, if you asked coaches what they want most in a point guard, you would get a variety answers.

Brian Roper discusses the 12 attributes that make up the best point guards.

11. Beating those tough zone defenses

College basketball coach Mark Zacher offers a simple, highly productive zone offense with a number of options that consistently results in open shots.

10. Ohio high school coaches suing parents for libel, slander

A group of high school basketball coaches in northern Ohio filed a lawsuit against four parents, arguing the parents were spreading lies about the way they run the program.

9. ‘Guard the Yard’ closeout drill

All players must be able to closeout effectively, and all coaches should make closeouts a daily point of emphasis. Here is a drill that coach Brian Kissinger uses to get his practices started.

8. Dealing with parents and playing time issues

While the vast majority of parents are good positive and supportive, the issue of playing time and why their child is not a starter is a constant aggravation for your coaching staff. Dr. David Hoch offers tips for dealing with challenging situations.

7. Shooting for success during the offseason

Indiana high school coach Steve Drabyn walks you through his offseason shooting workout that helps players improve. It gives the good shooter a chance to speed through the workout while the athlete who needs work gets more shots to try and improve.

6. Don Meyer’s 7 ways coaches lose games

In 2010, Winning Hoops spoke with Don Meyer and he shared his seven thoughts on how teams can lose a game. By recognizing the factors that contribute to losing, squads have something to build upon at the next practice or leading into the next game.

5. Time-tested rules for defending screens

Most motion offenses today include a variety of picks (screens) to free the ball or players to the basket. These screens include on-the-ball screens, backscreens, cross-screens and downscreens.

The following are effective rules that you can instruct your players to follow for defending a variety of screens.

4. Creating a summer open-gym regimen that gets results

Illinois high school basketball coach Chad Cluver breaks down his offseason open-gym workouts that have been critical in preparing his teams for the upcoming season.

3. Wisconsin HS coach resigns after he’s confronted by parents

A Wisconsin high school basketball coach abruptly stepped down on Sunday, just days after he was allegedly confronted at a bar by parents who weren’t happy about the team’s play.

2. Simple, man-to-man offense drives defenses crazy

High school coach Mitch Mitchell breaks down to offense he deploys when his standard motion offense isn’t produces results on the court.

“It’s a 5-man structured motion that utilizes the flex cut. It’s effective because it uses different screens and creates plenty of opportunities to hurt a switching defense, or one that offers a lot of defensive help from the weak side.”

1. Minnesota HS coach resigns over abusive parents

Brainerd High School boys basketball coach Scott Stanfield, and his entire staff, stepped down over pressure from they players’ parents.