February 13, 2020 • BasketballCoaching

The DEFINITE DOZEN©: Respect yourself and others

{Sponsored} Championship coach Pat Summitt created a profound model for principles of success and leadership in sport and life called the DEFINITE DOZEN©.


Definite Dozen - Respect
Respect. There is no such thing as self-respect without respect for others. When it comes to team success and achievement in life, Individual success is a myth. No one succeeds all by themselves. People who do not respect those around them will not make good team members and probably lack self-esteem themselves.
Great teammates don’t need to like each other, agree with each other or be best of friends … but they need to respect each other. Without a great sense of respect throughout the team, the team will fail.

“Respect yourself and others. Respect the game. Respect your teammates. Respect your coaches and be on time,” Summitt said.

Respect … give it to get it.


• Won 1,098 games
• 18 NCAA Final Fours
• 8 National Championships
• “Coach of the Year” 15 times
• Olympian as coach and player
• 100% student-athlete graduation rate
• And much more …

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