February 5, 2018 • DrillsWinning Hoops

50-second shooting and conditioning drill

by Don Kloth, Warren Township High School (Illinois)

This is a combination shooting and conditioning drill that we use at least once a week.

DIAGRAM 1 (see below): The 50-second shooting drill has two players at each basket in the gym. 1 breaks to the right sideline, cuts to the free-throw-line area and shoots a jumper. We emphasize that the shooter must cut top speed and shorten their steps as they near the free-throw-line with knees bent and hands ready, giving the passer a good target. 2 makes a crisp chest pass to the shooter and retrieves the missed/made shot. The action is then repeated, this time with 1 running to the left sideline.

In 50 seconds, we would like the shooter to put up 10 shots. After time is up, the rebounder and shooter change positions.

We want the rebounder to work hard and anticipate where a missed shot might carom to grab the ball before it hits the floor. This drill requires that the rebounder work just as hard as the shooter.

DIAGRAM 2: The same action is repeated, with the shooter running to the left/right sidelines, but this time the shooter is taking 3-pointers.

DIAGRAM 3-4: The same drill, but now shots are taken from the left wing. 1 shoots 17-foot wing shots, and after 50 seconds, players rotate and 2 becomes the shooter. Since most missed wing shots are rebounded opposite the shooter, the rebounder should be positioned outside the lane on the opposite side.

DIAGRAMS 5-6: This illustrates the same movements as Diagrams 3 and 4, but the shooter is now taking 3-pointers.