5 Tips to ‘Win the Day’ On & Off the Court

by Coach Dick Luther, assistant coach UW-Whitewater

Academic success is the top priority. The “Power of Attitude” must be with all of us every day. “Win the Day” has always been my belief.

This high-level attitude in the classroom and on the court includes the following:

  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Focus
  • A Mindset to Constantly Improve

win the dayI wanted to give my “get on target” message to all of you, but this will have to do for now. This important message is “win each day,” which I have lived by and has been a tremendous source of positive energy throughout my life. I have had the honor of giving this message to many colleges and universities both for students and athletes. These five keys have helped many adults and students, and have changed some of their lives for the better. When we feel well, both physically and mentally, all the time, we “win the day.”

Here are the five keys to keep in mind to “win the day” every day.

  1. Pace Production — My pace for years was out of control and affected my health. Not any more. years ago I got on target. We live in a constant rush which creates many problems with everyday living. The quality of things we do the right way makes us feel good. The quantity of things put us in a rush and many times we fail with our goals.Hurrying to get it done and move on puts us behind and not feeling our best. The key to controlling my pace was so simple — organization. It wins the moment, the hour, the day, and many days after. I organized my life from top to bottom. I’m never rushed, never late, always prepared, and always on top of things. Thus my attitude is positive and I feel good! Organization will take some time to accomplish, but the rewards will last a lifetime. Organize your life and your pace will be under control.
  2. Let’s Get Physical — Top athletes know what I am talking about. Their workouts give them a positive rush that carries through each and every day. Keep building your workouts daily and it will build your confidence which will lead to success.
  3. Food Rush — This is tough, yet so important for athletes. Good decisions with what we eat really can be life-changing and so important for all of us. Athletes with great nutritional habits are always on top!

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  4. Time For You — I call this the “great escape.” There are times we all have to get away. It might be from work, school, practice, whatever the case, we all need a break. We have to get away from the demands that are put on us from life. Find something that helps to relax and have fun. It might be a good book, a movie, a round of golf — something that offers downtime and is different. It might also be spending time with family or enjoying a dinner out with friends. Whether it’s a couple hours during the week or an entire weekend, find some time for you to clear your mind.
  5. Defuse Negativity (Stay Positive) — Some people are just plain negative. Don’t join their club! The world seems so negative. This affects our health. I am a positive person, a positive coach. Don’t let anyone’s negative attitude spoil you dreams and your goals. Positive people are loyal. Positive people can be trusted. Positive people have and give respect. Positive people have pride. They make others feel positive.

Stay positive!