April 10, 2023

Statistics professor leads study on player performance over time

Charles A. Dana Professor of Statistics Michael Schuckers recently published a paper entitled “Estimation of player aging curves using regression and imputation” in the Annals of Operation Research.   The paper discusses the best ways to est...

big ten
January 10, 2022

Big Ten Conference Creates Sports Data & Analytics Department

Big Ten Conference Commissioner Kevin Warren announced the formation of the Sports Data and Analytics Department, which will focus on collecting, synthesizing, and utilizing data and analytics for all areas of the organization. This department is cha...

May 7, 2020

Using statistics in planning ahead

At the end of each season, coaches find themselves in a reflective mode. They look back at the season and can recall various events. While they have these memories fresh in their minds and videotape to refer to, statistics can be valuable as an asses...

November 7, 2018

Building a scouting report that helps win games

{Sponsored} Time is a coach’s most valued resource, and one divided by an abundance of tasks: communicating with players, analyzing competitors, building reports. With FastScout, college and NBA coaches have found a tool that creates scouting repor...

October 5, 2018

How statistics can improve workouts — not just game day

You’re keeping track of statistics. You probably have an assistant on the bench tracking everything: gains, sacks, turnovers, passing yards, plus score and everything in between. Figuring out how to take these stats, analyze them and use them to in...

January 13, 2014

Why reliable stat keepers are critical to programs

Give greater attention to one of the most important jobs on your team It's also the job that can determine what you do in practice, and it's the job every program should have, but many don't. The most important job in your program is the stats kee...