NCAA Approves Use of In-Game Tech, Other Rule Changes

Changes are coming to the rules for NCAA men’s basketball games for the 2021-23 season.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved allowing the transmission of live statistics to the bench area for coaching purposes in men’s basketball, among other changes.

Last week the NCAA shared a statement updating the public about its plans for the future. Below is an excerpt from that statement.

ncaaConferences have experimented with live stats for the past two seasons and received positive feedback.

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Rules Committee supported an experimental rule for the upcoming season to allow teams to view live video and preloaded video on their bench during conference games only should the conference submit a waiver request for the experimental rule.

If a conference chooses to use this experimental rule, it will be a conference’s decision as to the type of appropriate technology that may be used.

Teams would not be allowed to use the rule in nonconference games.

Shot Clock

The panel approved allowing shot clocks to have tenths of seconds be displayed next season. It would not be required, but schools could choose to use this optional rule.

Experimental Foul-Structure Rule

Players could be allowed a maximum of six fouls instead of the current five, in some scenarios, before being disqualified from a game. Under the experimental rule, any player called for four personal fouls in one half would be disqualified from playing the rest of the game.

For example, a player who picks up four fouls in the first half would have to sit out the rest of the game. If a player has one foul in the first half, the player would be disqualified after picking up four in the second half.

If a player has three fouls in the first half, the player would be disqualified after being called for three fouls in the second half.

The rationale behind the experiment is to offer players a chance to remain on the court if they happen to be called for two fouls in the first half.

Flopping & Timeouts

The panel did not support a proposal that would have allowed officials to immediately assess a Class B technical foul to a player who faked being fouled. The recommendation would have eliminated the warning officials must currently give before assessing a technical foul. This rule began being implemented before the 2019-20 season.

After receiving feedback from the membership, the Men’s Basketball Rules Committee rescinded a proposal regarding the structure of media timeouts.

To read the full statement from the NCAA on the rule changes accepted for the 2021-22 men’s basketball season, click here