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December 30, 2023

  10 must-read books for coaches & athletic directors

Books are great resources to teach coaches and athletic administrators about philosophy, leadership, and team building. We regularly speak with athletic administrators who assign books to their coaching staff or coaches who require their captains to read about becoming role models.

  Indoor surfaces: The ultimate four-season athlete

Indoor sports surfaces are the ultimate multi-taskers, hosting everything from high-level competitions to community meetings to indoor recess to assemblies and graduations.


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  A.D.ministration: 7 tips for supporting every single sport

Athletic administrators have countless responsibilities, duties and tasks associated with their position. But, support for all sports is critical.

  Powerline: Getting strong on limited time

Michigan State strength and conditioning coach Ken Mannie describes how schools with limited time in the weight room can still give their athletes a complete workout that produces results.


Creating Abuse-Free Communities in Sport

Learn about best practices and resources to create supportive, positive and abuse-free sport communities from the U.S. Center for SafeSport's VP of Prevention Education, Monica Rivera.
  Recovery, Rest, and Reset

Practicing and training for sport can take its toll on the body. From years of accumulation of volume from competition, naturally, athletes’ bodies will form different types of imbalances that allow them to play at a high level. If left unchecked over time the imbalances will ultimately lead to injury. 

  14 tips to define athletic attitude

We hear coaches use the word “attitude” frequently. Have you ever defined exactly what “attitude” means to you? The more clearly you can define anything, the better chance young people will understand and apply it. Clarity and brevity (with depth if needed) are critical for the learning process. As a young coach, I was challenged by my principal who said, “You talk about attitude a lot with your players… can you define it?” It led me to this attempt to clearly and concisely define for everyone in our programs what an athletic attitude meant. 


Think Beyond the Display

Central Columbia High School experienced how working with Daktronics provides benefits beyond their display.  They created a revenue source in addition to getting students involved with the display operation.  Learn more about their story. 
  Football: Defense in the ‘coming out’ zone

Everyone knows about the red zone, but how should coaches attack teams in the “coming out” zone near the offense’s own goal line?

  Basketball: Principles for attacking zone defenses

Zone offense basketball diagrams for attacking the zone from Coach and Athletic Director magazine.


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