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Drills for inbounding the basketball
Dry land programs for swimmers
September 25, 2020

11 reasons for creating a competitive cauldron

Originated by legendary University of North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith, the Competitive Cauldron is a unique, intense and highly competitive training environment.

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Editorial: Full-time athletic trainers can no longer be optional

Having a full-time athletic trainer in high schools keeps athletes safe while assuring them immediate care in the event of an injury. But not everyone is so lucky.

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Rapid Recovery: Refueling the body after an intense workout

Oftentimes, poor training sessions are the result of poor nutrition. Done right, a few minutes each day spent on post-workout nutrition can pay off in terms of faster recovery times and fewer injuries.

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  1. Parents chase referee off field at Washington youth football game
  2. N.Y. senator proposes harsher penalties for harassing referees
  3. LeBron James: AAU coaches don’t give a damn about kids
  4. High school soccer players handed 1-year ban for shoving ref
  5. Missouri school fires all football coaches after suspended player suits up under different name
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