Spread Zone
June 5, 2013

10 ways to get the most from your spread zone offense

The spread zone offense picks apart zone defenses by using proper spacing, cuts and passing to maximize your team's potential, even when playing against a much larger opponent. Follow the 10 rules listed below to get the most from this offense. Maxim...


Mark Few: Tips For Coaching Players Who Are In Foul Trouble

Gonzaga men’s basketball coach, Mark Few, dishes on what to do when your player is in foul trouble in the first half of the game....


Mark Few: Attacking Zone Defenses

Gonzaga men’s basketball coach, Mark Few, weighs in on how to attack a zone defense....

June 2, 2010

Teaching, implementing a swarming match-up zone defense

The premise of a match-up zone defense is to manipulate the opponent into executing its zone offense versus — for all intents and purposes — a man-to-man defense. Zone offenses are predictable. Teams, for example, almost always attack a 2-3 zone...

January 29, 2010

Football: Stack 3-3 zone blitzes

The Stack 3-3 Zone Blitzes in Effect To combat the rising tide of spread offenses, many colleges and high schools are adopting the 3-3-5 or 3-5-3 defense. The 3-3’s flexibility and adaptability can help pressure the passers and c...

October 2, 2009

Game Planning Your Defensive Coverages

Probably the most vital decision you will have to make in your game planning is what kind of key coverages to use. Most of them will fit into one of the four basic types: zone, man to man, combination, or blitz.We realize that most defenses will use ...