January 25, 2016

NCAA survey finds many athletes regret specialization

Among the findings in this year's NCAA GOALS study was that many college student-athletes regret specializing in a single sport when they were younger. Results from the 2015 GOALS Study of the Student-Athlete Experience were revealed at this year'...

January 6, 2016

CFP National Championship teams rich with multi-sport athletes

There is no shortage of athletes or parents who believe that sport specialization provides the best chance of succeeding at the next level, but evidence consistently suggests they're wrong. [caption id="attachment_15007" align="alignright" widt...

transgender athletes
May 4, 2015

88 percent of NFL draft picks played multiple sports

This year's NFL Draft provided more proof that young athletes are better off participating in more than one sport. [caption id="attachment_11978" align="alignright" width="254"] Sixty-three percent of NFL draft picks were track and field athletes...

March 19, 2015

Reader Survey: Club sport coaches to blame for sport specialization

In February, Coach and Athletic Director asked readers who they believe is responsible for encouraging single-sport specialization among young athletes. Here are the results of the survey along with some of their comments. • "It's the attitude....

March 18, 2015

Cubs manager Joe Maddon speaks out against specialization

Sport specialization is an ongoing debate amongst parents and coaches, but talk to leaders at the highest levels and you'll discover overwhelming support for multi-sport athletes. [caption id="attachment_11350" align="alignleft" width="132"] Chica...

May 18, 2011

SportsMed: Dealing with overuse injuries

When the summer approaches, many student-athletes ask teammates the question: “What are you doing to get better this summer?” A desire to improve performance initiates the process of planning for a strength-and-conditioning program that will meet ...