special teams

February 15, 2019

Focus on special teams: new conditioning moves to add to their workouts

{Sponsored} A coach must teach players to not only enjoy and excel at a sport, but also how to avoid injury while playing. Football players in particular are prone to a variety of injury types. During the offseason is an excellent time to work with y...

July 20, 2017

Football: Attacking with the onside kick

In high school football, most of the focus on offense is on quarterbacks, running backs and receivers. On defense, it’s all about the linebackers and coverage players. Specialists are rarely given much attention. When it comes to special teams, ...

January 29, 2010

Football: Punt returns by the ‘100s’

One of our major convictions as a football team is that our punt-block team can make a difference. We call that team the "100s." It applies pressure on every snap with a 10-man front, but we do not try to block every punt. We just want the threat to ...