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The Overlake School: Finding A Team For Every Athlete

Sponsored By:Finding A Team For Every AthleteThe Overlake School (Redmond, Wash.) head boys soccer coach Bob Bristol says that their no-cut policy is about including every student-athlete that wants to be involved, and placing them on a team that mat...


The Overlake School: Aiding School Spirit In A Small School

The Overlake School (Redmond, Washington) faces the challenge of keeping school spirit high with a low student population and being a commuter campus. Upper School Head Gerald Buhaly explains how Overlake overcomes this challenge and helps keep schoo...


The Overlake School: Maintaining The Balance Between Academics & Athletics

Sponsored By:Maintaining The Balance Between Academics & AthleticsThe Overlake School (Redmond, Wash.) maintains a good balance between academics and athletics by having everyone on the same page, says Upper School Head Gerald Buhaly....


The Overlake School: When Seniors Don’t Make The Varsity Team

The Overlake School (Redmond, Washington) Upper School Head Gerald Buhaly says that even when seniors don’t make the varsity team, they still are able to make the season fun and a great learning experience (using the basketball team as an examp...


The Overlake School: How Overlake Maintains A High Participation Rate

The Overlake School (Redmond, Washington) maintains a high participation rate every year for several reasons, as Head Boys Soccer Coach Bob Bristol explains in the following video....


The Overlake School: Small School Challenges With Athletic Participation

Sponsored By:Small School ChallengesWith Athletic ParticipationThe Overlake School (Redmond, Wash.) girls lacrosse coach Sue Haviland discusses the limited pool of athletes a small school encounters when looking for students to join their teams, and ...