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March 24, 2017

Oregon school keeps ‘Braves’ nickname in agreement with tribe

Some states have forced public schools to abandon their Native American nicknames in recent years, but Oregon took a different approach. Win approval from one of the state's tribes, and you can keep it. The Banks School District outside of Portlan...

May 3, 2016

Delaware school moves toward dropping ‘Redskins’ nickname

A Delaware school district could soon drop its "Redskins" nickname, following a recommendation that was made Monday by a committee made up of alumni and community members. Over the last few years, dozens of districts and high schools across the na...

November 19, 2015

North Dakota changes mascot to ‘Fighting Hawks’

The University of North Dakota is replacing its "Fighting Sioux" nickname with the "Fighting Hawks," the school announced Wednesday. North Dakota officially dropped the "Fighting Sioux" mascot in 2012, but a bill passed by state lawmakers prevent...

November 5, 2015

Adidas joins fight to end Native American nicknames

Adidas has announced a new initiative to help schools ditch their Native American nicknames. The company plans to offer free design resources for schools looking to drop their Native American mascots, nicknames, imagery or symbolism. Adidas made t...

March 20, 2015

New York school elects to drop ‘Redskins’ nickname

Lancaster High School in western New York is the latest school to quit using the "Redskins" nickname after its board of education determined the term was offensive to Native Americans. [caption id="attachment_11383" align="alignright" width="235"]...