Developing a Program That’s ’Cool’ to be in

Sponsored By: Developing a Program That’s 'Cool' to be in Steve Kostka, head girls track coach at Arrowhead High School (Hartland, Wis.), explains how the school has succeeded in making the track program ‘cool’ to be in. That success ha...


Stay Involved While Injured

Sponsored By:Getting Student-Athletes to Stay Involved While InjuredThe Overlake School (Redmond, Wash.) works with athletes while they are injured to keep them involved, as junior Devin Daher (two-sport athlete) relates from his experience....


No-Cut Policy Gets More Students Involved in Athletics

Sponsored By:No-Cut Policy Gets More Students InvolvedThe Overlake School (Redmond, Wash.) has an "Inclusion Policy" (a.k.a. "No-Cut Policy"), which baseball coach Mike Davidson feels gets more students involved in athletics, both in increased partic...


Vista Murrieta High School: Proud To Be A Bronco

Vista Murrieta High School (Murrieta, California) has a variety of student groups and organizations. Sarah Benson (Commissioner of Women’s Athletics), Eric Speed (Commissioner of Men’s Athletics) and Sophia Chavez (Speaker of the Senate) ...