October 30, 2013

7 Keys to Succeed as a First-Time Athletic Director

Arrowhead High School’s Kevin Flegner said he has evolved in his role as activities director over the years, citing increased patience, more research and deeper analysis prior to making decisions. He also began a practice of over-communicating to m...


The Importance of Communication

Sponsored By: The Importance of Communication Kevin Flegner, activities director at Arrowhead High School (Hartland, Wis.), emphasizes the importance of open communication and keeping everyone in the program working collectively toward maki...


Developing Your Own Philosophy

Sponsored By:Developing Your Own PhilosophyKevin Flegner, activities director at Arrowhead High School (Hartland, Wis.), shares his personal philosophy for running an athletic program....


Arrowhead Video Series: Sponsorships Are Critical To Funding

Sponsored By:Sponsorships Are Critical To FundingKevin Flegner, Activities Director at Arrowhead High School (Hartland, Wis.), discusses the important role advertisers played in the Stadium Project....