Deer Creek


Deer Creek Renovation: Inside Look At Training/Conditioning (Raw Footage)

This raw footage was taken by Coach And Athletic Director’s Editor-In-Chief, Michael Austin, during his recent visit to Deer Creek High School (Edmond, Okla.). The school recently underwent a renovation of their athletic facilities. Here, student-a...


Deer Creek Renovation: Storage A Critical Part Of Facility Upgrades

Grant Gower, head football coach at Deer Creek High School (Edmond, Okla.), tells us why more storage was such a critical factor in the recent renovation of the athletic facilities....

February 24, 2010

Track Coach Ends School Shooting

David Benke, a track coach and math teacher at Deer Creek Middle School (Littleton, Colo.) stopped what could have been a deadly school shooting Tuesday. Benke tackled the suspect, Bruco Strongeagle Eastwood, as he prepared to load another round into...