Deer Creek Renovation: Inside Look At Training/Conditioning (Raw Footage)

This raw footage was taken by Coach And Athletic Director’s Editor-In-Chief, Michael Austin, during his recent visit to Deer Creek High School (Edmond, Okla.). The school recently underwent a renovation of their athletic facilities. Here, student-a...

August 22, 2012

Sherry Moseler: Create Meetings To Discuss Conditioning

  Sherry Moseler,Girls Volleyball   Conditioning programs are important for successful sports teams. While Arrowhead is a fairly large school, there are still athletes who play in multiple sports. To make sure student...


Marshall University Strength and Conditioning

If your players want to see a brief glimpse into what kind of dedication it takes to be a Division I athlete, have them check out this video, which features snippets from Marshall University’s football team.Head Strength Coach Joseph Miday, Ass...

October 21, 2010

Powerline: Serious strength requires serious training

Strength and power are two inextricably linked indices that are pursued incessantly by coaches and athletes on a year-round basis. These two physiological siblings are necessities in athletic development, skill improvement, body composition enhanceme...

February 5, 2010

Delaware Scales Back Plans For New Athletic Facility

A year after proposing a plan for a new athletic performance center for sports medicine, athletic training, strength and conditioning and academic purposes, as well as a new football stadium, the University of Delaware now has scaled back its plans. ...