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Off-Season Training

The Passback helps players in the off season practice hand-eye coordination. This uniquely designed ball helps quarterbacks gauge their consistency with a spiral throw and also helps receivers get reps without a full practice...


Concussion Prevention

The Guardian cap helps players reduce while wearing it at practice and during games. The cap is designed to absorb the impact of a head-on collision....

December 1, 2011

Using Your QuarterBack In The Running Game: Full-Flow Plays

The final type of QB run plays are full-flow plays where Nielson wants to out-number the defense or, at the very least, account for all defenders with the blocking scheme. These are predetermined QB running plays where you utilize the RB as an extra ...

December 1, 2011

Using Your QuarterBack In The Running Game: Misdirection Plays

Nielson says a second type of QB run (beyond the read) is the utilization of misdirection plays. These plays are QB runs that serve as counters off the base zone-running game.DIAGRAM 7: Kick Play With Wide Receiver Sweep. This misdirection play is on...

October 21, 2010

Select Team Coaches Vs. High School Coaches

Katy, bar the door — this subject hits a raw nerve.There’s a cold war going on right now in amateur athletics. On one side are the high school coaches across the nation. The other side of the skirmish is comprised of the individuals who coach selec...

October 2, 2009

Use E-mail to Your Advantage

Even if my incoming phone calls are being screened by the answering machine at my desk, the phone remains the most intrusive part of my day.If used properly, E-mail can be much more effective and efficient. It is my preferred mode of communication. A...