Jason Abels

August 22, 2012

Jason Abels: Budgeting For Training Equipment

Jason Abels, Head Trainer   Each spring, Arrowhead trainer Jason Abels provides a yearly athletic training budget to activities director Kevin Flegner. “He’s been great to work with when I explain what we’d like to have ...

August 22, 2012

Jason Abels: Concussions And Football Helmets

Jason Abels, Head Trainer   While football helmet technology has improved dramatically in recent years, Jason Abels says there’s no helmet on the market that can always prevent concussions. “Children put on a helmet and th...

August 22, 2012

Jason Abels: Most Common Injuries Treated By Trainers

Jason Abels, Head Trainer   Here’s a list of the typical injures that Arrowhead trainers Jason Abels and Rachel Juntz handle for five of the school’s 30 sports: Football: Concussions, fractures and other orthopedic surgic...