Zone Blocking for Up-Tempo Spread Offense

  • Simplify your zone blocking rules and techniques so your linemen can play fast versus any defense
  • Develop a numbering system that carries over to any defensive front you will see
  • Combat specific defensive adjustments with the “tools” each O-linemen has in his toolbox
with Steve Greatwood,
University of Oregon Offensive Line CoachHave you wondered how the Oregon offense can line up and come off the ball so quickly and run the ball so effectively? Join longtime Oregon Coach Steve Greatwood as he discusses the concepts and techniques that have made Oregon’s Inside Zone play so successful.In this DVD, he will explain how to:

  • Streamline the communication up front when running an up-tempo offense
  • Identify the defensive front in the blink of an eye
  • Teach zone blocking technique whether covered or uncovered
  • Identify a “point” defender and work simple line rules off of his alignment

The incredibly fast tempo of the Oregon offense puts enormous pressure on the defense. In a clinic setting, Coach Greatwood teaches the inside zone concepts of the devastating Duck ground attack. The key to the zone running attack is the call from the center identifying the “point” defender; everyone else works from the center’s call. You’ll learn the “red” call, which identifies the three-technique side of the defense and the “white” call, which is used when there is a guard bubble. Using this information, the zone play may be run to a particular color as the entire line works together as one unit.

Coach Greatwood shares blocking rules for various defensive fronts, including the odd man front, the odd stack or 3-3 defense, and the “bear” front. Game footage is coached up as Greatwood covers the calls and techniques of each lineman giving you an opportunity to see how everything ties together.

Whether you are using an athletic quarterback and reading zone, running zone with fast screen concepts or blocking backside, this DVD is a must have.