Youth Wrestling: Pinning Fundamentals

  • Develop breakdown techniques that open up near fall and pinning holds
  • Learn three leg rides that will put tons of points on the board
  • Includes spladle techniques
with Eric Akin, East Kansas Wrestling Club Head Coach;
United States Olympic Team Alternate (1996 and 2000); USA World Team member; 3x Big 8 Champion and 4x All American for Iowa State University; 3x Kansas High School State ChampionCoach Akin was a top level athlete at Iowa State University. Now as a youth coach he has developed a series of techniques that focuses on the fundamentals of turning and pinning your opponent.

Coach Akin does an excellent job demonstrating and explaining proper body position and pressure on your opponent. He gives constant reminders about “good” position on top. Akin teaches basic breakdowns including the 180 breakdown, the Spiral ride and the Tight Waist Ankle. He uses the 180 and Spiral ride to get into his Crossbody ride. Akin shows how he keeps himself in the “saddle” an effective method to stay top of an opponent to get into a variet of pinning combinations.

The former U.S. World Team member, Coach Akin demonstrates a ton of ways to get opponents on their backs and rack up team points. He covers six turns that are fundamental to having success at any level from the top position. You’ll see everything from a half nelson and chicken wing to cheap tilts, turks, cradles and the dreaded spladle position. Akin sets up his spladle from a side headlock and single leg defense. He also shares unique details to his nearside and crossface cradles that will ensure a pin every time your opponent is on his back.

We often take minor details for granted, but Coach Akin covers those details as a part of his teaching so that it is easy to integrate into your practice. This is a great DVD for any wrestler or coach to learn sound and basic principles that are effective at all levels.