Youth Wrestling: Advanced Pinning

  • Features more than 20 different pinning combinations from two-time Olympian and four-time All American Eric Akin
  • Learn several cheap tilts from five breakdown positions
  • Learn a turk series that is hard to defend with conventional defense
  • Learn small details that will help wrestlers get more pins
with Eric Akin, East Kansas Wrestling Club Head Coach;
United States Olympic Team Alternate (1996 and 2000); USA World Team member; 3x Big 8 Champion and 4x All American for Iowa State University; 3x Kansas High School State ChampionIdeally we work to dominate and pin all of our opponents. In this video, Eric Akin teaches how to breakdown, ride, turn and pin that can make an average wrestler a killer from the top position.

In this fast pace video, you will learn the techniques of advanced youth wrestler to become a dominate wrestler in the top position, including:

  • Breakdowns – Stop your opponents’ first move and break them down. Coach Akin spends a great deal of time working on break downs wrestlers can use to ride their opponent and set up pin holds. He covers five different breakdowns, including the spiral ride, cross body ride and shallow legs.
  • Tilts – Coach Akin shows a variety of ways for wrestlers to score from cheap tilts to build a comfortable lead. He explains all the finer points to scoring using a 2-on-1 tilt, a chicken wing tilt and a spiral ride tilt.
  • Pinning Combinations – Secure more pins while you dominate your opponents. See Coach Akin’s approach to the half nelson, a bar arm and chicken wing series, as well as several turks and cradles, and how a wrestler can use all of them from many different common rides to pin their opponent. He does a great job pointing out all the small details that will help wrestlers use these techniques in an effective fashion.
  • Legs and spladle – Coach spends a great deal of time showing how wrestlers can perform a multitude of pinning combinations using legs, and a spladle from different positions that make it a match ender from anywhere.

Coach Akin gives you a wealth of scoring opportunities for wrestlers from the top position that can be tailored to fit any size or shape wrestler. This video will be a great addition to any youth or high school coach’s collection.