World Class Sprints & Relays

  • Get an A to Z guide for coaching the starts
  • Use Stratton’s head-to-toe technique checklist to increase speed
  • Maximize your performance and prevent injuries using 10 key warm up activities
  • Includes workout examples and a seasonal breakdown
with Monte Stratton,
Coach of 87 NCAA Division I All-Americans at TCU and UT Arlington,
Coached, 24 X Conference Championships, 24 X Conference Coach of the Year Honors, Coach of Olympian Darvis “Doc ” Patton.Featuring Darvis “Doc” Patton,
2004 and 2008 USA Olympian, Olympic Silver Medalist 4x100M Relay, 2007 World Outdoor 4x100M Gold Medalist

Monte Stratton, one of the world’s most prolific sprint coaches is joined by Olympian Darvis “Doc” Patton to bring you this comprehensive instructional sprints DVD.

Maximize your performance and prevent injuries using these 10 activities which combine technique drills, stretching and build up work.

Reduce poor, speed-stealing sprint technique by implementing Stratton’s head-to-toe checklist for attaining and maintaining an ideal sprint posture. Stratton delivers the best techniques for sprinting including proper foot and leg positioning for ground strikes and precise arm action to eliminate “breaking.” He discusses stride frequency, stride length and back side mechanics and how each affects sprint speed.

A 30-minute A-Z guide for coaching the starts that includes:

  • setting the block
  • backing into the block
  • proper foot positioning in the blocks
  • setting the hands
  • proper body alignment and balance
  • all aspects of the “take your mark” and “set” positions
  • proper mechanics for getting out of the blocks properly on the gun
  • starting on the curve

Throughout each phase, Stratton offers invaluable coaching tips that will assist your sprinters in achieving the fastest start possible.

In addition, Darvis “Doc” Patton demonstrates five of the most common start errors with detailed analysis as to the negative effect each error has on the start. A great tool to show your sprinters what not to do on a block start.

Keep the baton moving at full speed throughout your race. Stratton shows how to select the order of your runners, demonstrates effective positioning for the incoming and outgoing runner, provides a technical breakdown of the mechanics for all three exchanges and delivers tips for implementing relay training into your practices.

Stratton highlights four training phases; Pre-Season, Early-Season, In-Season and Late-Season. For each phase, Stratton shares an example of a typical week of training that includes specific workout examples. He offers suggestions on how to adapt the phases to fit a meet schedule along with how to approach sprint training with multi-sport athletes.

Stratton provides an overview of four essential components of weight room training. He includes important strategy considerations for training, injury prevention, peaking and race day tactics to assist you in maximizing your athlete’s abilities.

A one-on-one interview with Doc Patton closes the presentation. You will get insight into what has made Doc a successful sprinters and how he’s managed to stay at the top of his game much longer than most world class sprinter.

This DVD is loaded with practical instruction that is applicable to every level of sprinter from novice to veteran and is sure to enhance your sprint program!