World Class 110M Hurdles

  • Technique and tactics for training the 110 hurdles
  • Drills to promote efficiency and speed in your hurdlers
  • 15 stretching and warm-up exercises to reduce injuries and increase flexibility
with Nat Page,
Georgia Tech Hurdles Coach, former USA Olympianand Terrance Trammell, 2x Olympic silver medalist, 3x Outdoor World Championships silver medalist, 6 x NCAA ChampionTrain your hurdlers to be efficient, linear and powerful!

Nat Page and Terrance Trammell begin this presentation with what they believe is one of the most essential training components for the hurdles: the warm up. This routine includes five key stretching exercises and 10 warm-up exercises. Narrated by Coach Page and demonstrated by Trammell, this routine is hurdle-specific and provides the athlete with the explosiveness and flexibility required to effectively train and run the hurdles.

This seven-drill segment features technical training for the lead leg and trail leg. The drills are designed to ensure your athletes are efficiently clearing each hurdle, running in a straight line and maintaining forward momentum throughout the race. The drills are demonstrated by Tremmell and, as a bonus, Jamaican Olympian Vonnette Dixon also demonstrates the drills.

Page provides seasonal planning tips for training and shares his strategies on how to train throughout each phase of the season. He discusses his thoughts on how a coach can best assist a hurdler on race day in terms of the physical and mental aspects of competing.

Trammell shares career insights and key strategies that have contributed to his success and longevity in the sport.

This DVD affords you the unique opportunity to watch and learn from the world’s best!