Winning Kids With Sport!

with Dr. Rick McGuire,
University of Missouri, 30 year NCAA Division 1 coach and nationally recognized leader in Applied Sport Psychology

Does WINNING IN SPORT matter? Does winning the game matter? Does Character matter? Does Character contribute to a person being a better competitor, or is being an athlete just physical?

Does Confidence matter? Or Composure … Concentration … Courage … Commitment … Communication … Consistent … Self Control … Right Choice Making … Motivation … Respect … Integrity … Pride … Humility … Trust … Trustworthy … Loyalty … Compassion … Gratitude … Accountability … Responsibility … Focus … Mental Toughness … and TEAM?

Do these matter when the GAME is on the line? Do these matter in COMPETITIVE PERFORMANCE? OF COURSE! They all matter in playing your best, in delivering your very best performance when it is needed, and they can make all the difference in WINNING or LOSING any game or athletic contest.

If Winning the Game matters, then “Winning the Kid” … FIRST … really matters!!

In WINNING KIDS WITH SPORT, Dr. Rick McGuire, one of the most distinguished practitioners in the field of coaching and sport psychology, presents his philosophy, perspectives and the plan to build a coaching model for sport where the intention is to “Win” in the life of every athlete … BECAUSE KIDS MATTER! Coach McGuire uses construction models to guide coaches in developing practice plans, focused on building these essential mental and psycho-emotional skills and attributes, simultaneously with the physical skills necessary to develop great athletes, performers and teams.

Why WINNING KIDS WITH SPORT? BECAUSE WE CAN WIN KIDS WITH SPORT. Sport is huge in our lives! Sport is innately good and fun! It is fun to try to win the games of sport. The whole process of developing everybody in the best way to give the best chance of winning the game is an interesting challenge, actually a very fun challenge. Winning Each Kid … FIRST … gives us the best chance to win the “games” we’d like to win.

Finally, when we Win Kids With Sport, whether or not we win all of the games, we will at least have WON IN THE LIVES OF THE KIDS, for their futures, that they may FLOURISH and be filled with SuCCCCCCCess and HAPPINESS!

WINNING KIDS WITH SPORT Matters! It DOES MATTER that WE WIN..because it absolutely DOES MATTER that WE WIN in the life of every athlete with whom we have the opportunity to serve as their COACH!