The Variable Triangle Offense Download

The Variable Triangle Offense by Matt Bolger

Click here to purchase! The Triangle Offense came to fame in the 1990’s and early 2000’s as the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers used it to win 11 NBA Championships in a 20 year period.

Add in another handful of NCAA Women’s Basketball Championships that Connecticut and Stanford won using the offense, and it’s easy to see that success and the Triangle Offense go hand in hand. The basis of the variable triangle offense is establishing a triangle on the ball side of the floor and making reads based on how the defense is playing. The genius of this offense is that no matter what the defense is trying to do, there is an option within the offense to exploit it.

Each read in the offense triggers its own unique sequence of actions, which are effective but simple to learn. This playbook includes 50 pages of detailed diagrams to walk you through the Variable Triangle Offense and all of its options. Included are specific breakdown drills to work on each individual action involved in the offense.

In addition, there are three different variations of the Triangle Offense included in the playbook to best fit your personnel: 4 out 1 in, 3 out 2 in, and Cutters. The Triangle Offense is very adaptable to your team’s individual strengths. The Bulls used the Triangle to highlight the skills of Michael Jordan, while the Lakers were able to run the same offense through Shaq on the block.

So no matter what kind of team you have, the Triangle can be used to accentuate your strengths. Don’t delay in buying this playbook today.

Using this as a guide, you will be able to install the Variable Triangle Offense in a very short amount of time and use the breakdown drills to fine tune it to your liking.