Training the 4th Quarter Athlete

With Greg Howard

Professional Fitness Trainer; Owner of Elite Fitness Training, licensed Endurance Trainer

Are your athletes lacking physical or mental endurance in the 4th quarter? Greg Howard has developed a system that is specifically designed to condition an athlete to be “above game shape” possessing the same energy and focus in the fourth quarter as at the start of the game. Howard has utilized his system with athletes ranging from middle school through the pros. In Training the 4th Quarter Athlete, he demonstrates a set of speed, agility and quickness drills that show you how to incorporate the endurance factor. He finishes in the weight room with a demonstration of how to utilize weight training to build both strength and endurance. This conditioning program is applicable to any athlete in any sport who wants to improve their max Vo2 and overall athleticism. Let Howard’s Elite Fitness Training System help you win the endurance challenge that every fourth quarter presents.

44 minutes.

Sample video