Training a Setter with “Deliberate Practice”

  • Learn from legendary coach Terry Pettit
  • Over 20 drills for developing setters
  • Includes individual, partner, and system situational drills
with Terry Pettit,
Director of Leadership Academies at the University of Denver and Colorado State University,
former NCAA Championship Coach at Nebraska,
3x National Coach of the Year,
USA Volleyball All-Time Great Coach Award WinnerCoaching legend Terry Pettit delivers THE most information-packed 46 minutes of setting instruction imaginable!

In this presentation from the 2010 AVCA Convention, Pettit provides an overview of the five characteristics of “deliberate practice;” a theme that is echoed throughout his presentation. Pettit reviews the evolution of setting that has led to the current technique of today’s successful setter–the incorporation of the wrist as the most prominent lever of the set.

On the court, Pettit takes two demonstrators through the basics of how to engage the wrists into setting. Next, he delivers more than 20 drills, many of which include multiple progressions and sets. These drills cover individual skills, partner drills and situational drills for all aspects of the position.

Throughout the presentation, Pettit shares nuances for each of the drills and offers invaluable insight into coaching your setters.

The skill set presented is appropriate for developing setters at any level. This presentation is a gem from one of the most prolific volleyball coaches of all time!