The Team Captain’s Guide to Great Leadership

  • Use the same techniques used by Duke athletes!
  • Learn to balance “earning respect” with “being liked”
  • Learn how to facilitate communication between your coach and team
with Greg Dale,
Director of Mental Training and Leadership Programs for Duke University AthleticsBeing a team captain is a challenging position. A captain has to be an extension of the coaching staff, while being a voice for the team.

Greg Dale shares his expertise in leadership development to create a foundation for captains to better understand and execute their responsibilities. Learn how to bring out the best in your coach and your teammates.

Dale’s strategies include how to communicate with teammates, how to hold the team accountable to each other and the coaches, how to balance “earning respect” with “being liked,” how to be an effective captain on and off the field, how to encourage teammates and much more. He includes strategies for working with your coach to develop trust and understanding through ongoing positive communication.

This DVD is a must see for any captain and their coach as they embark upon their leadership journey.

31 minutes. 2009.