The Spread Shotgun Wing-T Offense: Running Game

With Lew Johnston

Western Branch HS (VA) Head Coach, 4x District Champions, 4x Time District “Coach of the Year”

Utilizing The Spread Shotgun Wing-T Offense opens up the defense and allows for big gains.

Lew Johnston (whose coaching accolades using this offense include posting a 32 regular-season game-winning streak) teaches you how to implement an effective running game into the highly explosive Spread Shotgun Wing-T Offense.

Using game film and extensive marker board discussion, Johnston highlights seven key plays: HB Power, FB Lead, FB Trap, QB Trap, Spinner Sweep, QB Sweep and QB Draw. He also diagrams the blocking assignments and reads versus both even and odd fronts.

To simplify his offense, Johnston maintains a consistent blocking scheme for all of the plays. Johnston emphasizes essential coaching points and shares some of his personal observations and suggestions to further your understanding of and success with this explosive offense.

This offense is a must for your football playbook.

46 minutes.