The Softball Pitching Factory: Windmill Pitching 101!

With Nancy Evans,

former University of Arizona Assistant Softball Coach, #1 All-time Winning Percentage in NCAA (.938) as a player, 1998 National Player of the Year, 6 NCAA Championships (as player & coach)

Coach Nancy Evans has been successful at every level of her playing and coaching career, as she developed into the top college pitcher as a two-time All-American and has the all-time NCAA best winning percentage (.938), currently plays professional softball and coaches at one of the premiere college softball programs in the US. Through her experience and instruction, Coach Evans has gained a comprehensive knowledge in every aspect of becoming a complete pitcher and shares in this video the step-by-step progression to develop and succeed as a windmill pitcher. Using one-on-one player-coach demonstration, Evans breaks down every step in the pitching process from choosing the best grip to the full pitch and fielding position. Coach Evans moves through a progression of drills to develop the correct mechanics in every stage of the pitch and strongly emphasizes mastering skills through monotonous repetition and consistent practice routines in route to better accuracy, correct spin, and pitch speed. This step by step progression of the basics and fundamentals of windmill pitching can be applied and practiced at any level from beginner to advanced, and is essential to learning how to pitch the correct way!

77 minutes.