The Softball Pitching Factory: The Screw and the Curve!

With Nancy Evans

former University of Arizona Assistant Softball Coach, #1 All-time Winning Percentage in NCAA (.938) as a player, 1998 National Player of the Year, 6 NCAA Championships (as player & coach)

The three most common pitches thrown in softball are the fastball, rise ball, and an off speed pitch. Often, the only difference between a good pitcher and a great pitcher is an effective breaking ball. This informative DVD features two effective breaking balls: the screwball and the curveball. Nancy Evans teaches and demonstrates how, why, and when to throw the curveball and screwball. Coach Evans builds each pitch from the ground up. She includes grips, body movements, the releases, and the follow-through for both pitches. With the help of on-field demonstrators, Evans shows you each pitch in slow motion from three different angles and teaches drills that you can use to improve and develop your breaking pitches. These drills will help you practice your pitching motion and will give you instant feedback as to whether you are throwing the pitch correctly. Evans shows both pitches at full speed so you can see the finished product.

65 minutes.