The Softball Pitching Factory: The Ruthless Rise Ball!

With Nancy Evans

former University of Arizona Assistant Softball Coach, #1 All-time Winning Percentage in NCAA (.938) as a player, 1998 National Player of the Year, 6 NCAA Championships (as player & coach)

When thrown effectively, the “ruthless” rise ball is a great strikeout pitch and a fun pitch to throw. Nancy Evans shows you how to throw the rise ball that catapulted her to the top of the records books in Division I collegiate softball. Evans demonstrates for you how, when, and why you should throw the rise ball. She includes grips, body mechanics, the release, and the follow-through. Full speed demonstrations show you the full pitching motion and how the pitch moves for all three variations of rise ball: the high, medium, and low rise. Coach Evans demonstrates her favorite drills that will give your rise ball speed and accuracy. When done correctly the rise ball is one of the best strikeout pitches you can throw.

48 minutes.