The Serve & Return of Serve

  • Expert instruction on the most complicated shot in tennis
  • From the grip to the release you will learn everything you need to know about developing a great serve
  • Great instruction for the coach – ideal for the aspiring player
  • Comprehensive coverage of essential position and technique to return a serve in singles or doubles
with Eric Wammock,
Owner, Hilton Head Island Tennis and Director of Tennis for the Hilton Head Island Beach and Tennis Resort (Named 2012 ‘Top 5 Tennis Resort in the Carolinas’ by Tennis Magazine), Hilton Head Christian Academy Tennis Coach (State Runner-up ’12, State Semifinals ’13), collegiate All-American, former ITF Professional, at age 21 was the youngest D-I college head coach ever (VCU), and the USPTA South Carolina Pro of the Year (’97)The most complicated shot in tennis deserves expert instruction and that is what you get from this DVD.

Eric Wammock’s many years as a developing player, touring player, college and high school coach and tennis club professional have reinforced to him the importance of teaching the fundamentals and the ‘how to’ parts of the serve first, and then, and only then, working into the ‘where to’ parts of taking better aim at specific targets on the court.

You will receive instruction on the grip, the stance, body position, the release, slice or topspin, the rationale and best practices. The final segment covers the return of serve and shares the best practices for position, racquet position and footwork.

Whether you are a coach or an aspiring player, this DVD will reinforce every aspect of creating and developing a consistent serve.