The Princeton Offense Download

The Princeton offense playbook has gained a lot of popularity over the past 50+ years at all levels of basketball, and for good reason. When run correctly, this flowing offense is extremely difficult to defend. It is based on proper spacing, strong passing, and constant motion by all five players on the floor.

While most people think of the backdoor cut when they hear “Princeton offense,” there is much more to the offense than just that. This playbook will detail three different layers of the Princeton offense, counters, and quick hitters that can be run out of the different formations.

Included in the playbook include:
· The Chin series – Probably the most common form of the Princeton offense. Constant back cuts and flare cuts that often leads to a defense breakdown and layup or open shot for the offense.

· The Low Post series – A series to run with a strong post player. There is still constant motion by all 5 players, which creates a lot of one-on-one opportunities inside for the post.

· The Point series – A high post series that really spaces the floor and creates great opportunities for your guards to get to the rim or create three point shots for teammates.

No matter what your personnel, the Princeton offense has something you can use. The movement this offense creates will be sure to give your opponents fits this coming season.


You will receive the breakdown drills for the Princeton offense inside this playbook too.

You have to develop the skills necessary for your players to execute the Princeton offense at the best level!

You will get to show your players how to play with pressure and ball toughness to reduce those unnecessary turnovers.

Learn all the drills that you need to install the Princeton offense within your entire program. You will learn the exercises that will improve your player’s fundamentals, improve team execution, and limit turnovers.