The Four Components of Aggressive Attack Play

With Dom Starsia

University of Virginia Head Coach; 3X National Champions (2006, 2003, 1999), 7X ACC Coach of the Year (winningest coach in conference history); National Lacrosse Hall of Fame (2008)

Great attack plays come from the players that are closest to the cage. Coach Dom Starsia utilizes marker board diagrams, on-field demonstrations and game footage to show everything you need to know about attack play. He’ll help you get your players in a position to take advantage of the situation by building their strength, quickness and awareness. This DVD will show your players how to become more responsible and come to recognize a good decision in crucial situations. The four components of stick work, athletic ability, lacrosse IQ, and courage, combined together, will help you make an amazing defensive player. Coach Starsia goes over these four components with detailed explanation for each one. These include being able to handle any situation, being a threat to both sides of the goal, being good in tight places, being an efficient shooter and being able to change the plane of your shot. Become a more dangerous, competitive and effective attack man with these attack drills. His in-depth strategy will help your team develop into the best attacking team possible.

74 minutes.