The Forehand & the Backhand

  • Comprehensive overview of the forehand and the backhand
  • Thorough review of all technical and tactical considerations
  • Terrific instruction for the coach – ideal for the aspiring player
  • Includes all the necessary fundamentals, the common errors and corrections, advanced training tips, and much, much more!
with Eric Wammock,
Owner, Hilton Head Island Tennis and Director of Tennis for the Hilton Head Island Beach and Tennis Resort (Named 2012 ‘Top 5 Tennis Resort in the Carolinas’ by Tennis Magazine), Hilton Head Christian Academy Tennis Coach (State Runner-up ’12, State Semifinals ’13), collegiate All-American, former ITF Professional, at age 21 was the youngest D-I college head coach ever (VCU), and the USPTA South Carolina Pro of the Year (’97)The detail and the large amount of stellar, useful information included in this video is extraordinary.

Eric Wammock’s many years as a player and coach at all levels come shining through as he provides one of the better video lessons on the forehand and backhand we have ever seen.

The basics – such as grip, stance, follow through and point of contact – are all covered. There is a section on shot evaluation, a series of advanced-level shot making, a series of errors and how to correct them and all the while, Coach Wammock’s well-presented ‘why’ for every ‘how’.

Learning correct forehand and backhand is essential. This DVD will take your player’s understanding of correct form and technique to the next level!