The Encyclopedia of the Pistol Offense



with Todd Hafner,
William Penn University Head Coach;
2010 Midwest League Champions; 2x Midwest League Coach of the Year (2010, ’08)

This is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive video on the Pistol Offense. Todd Hafner goes into great detail about every aspect of the Pistol, its development and execution.

Coach Hafner has “evolved” into this Pistol offense and does an excellent job of presenting the complete Pistol package. After watching this video you will have a complete playbook you can incorporate into your program or the ability to pick and choose certain ideas to help your offense.

The Pistol offense helps you avoid tendencies. Unlike many offenses, the Pistol allows you to have multiple personnel groups and allows the quarterback and running back time to read the defense.

Hafner covers the run game including gap schemes such as power, QB power, counter trey; triple option schemes such as midline and veer; double option schemes like speed and lead option as well as zone, draw, Jet Read and zone read concepts.

Learn how to handle a variety of situations the defense can throw at you and how to keep the defense from blitzing from different angles. No matter what system you currently use for your run game, by adding the Pistol to your scheme you can force the defense to stay balanced.

In addition to the run game, Hafner teaches the quick passing game, play action passing game, drop back passing game, boot passes, play action sprint out and screens. Pass protection is also covered. Learn how to protect your quarterback versus different fronts and blitzes.

Hafner utilizes a marker board to draw up and talk through the details of each play. In addition, he provides great coaching cues to use when installing these plays and presents how to run them versus different defensive looks.

Force your opponent to play balanced defense by incorporating this unpredictable offensive weapon!