The Complete Guide to Catching

With Linda Wells

former Arizona State University Head Softball Coach, Dutch National Softball Team Coach (2008 OlympicS), 2004 Head Olympic Coach – Greek National Team

Catching is one of the most important positions on the softball field. In one of the best video presentations on the position you will ever see, Coach Wells shares every facet of how to develop your catcher into the leader they need to be. Coach Wells covers all aspects of the catcher position, beginning with equipment and basics of calling pitches, then blocking pitches, framing pitches, snap throws, pitch outs and intentional walks. Wells works into more complex situations – covering of 1st and 3rd situations, defensive coverage, and slap hitting defenses. Applying tags, backing up bases, and communicating with the defense are all also covered in detail. An excellent video appropriate for any player or coach at any level looking for an instructional video that covers every aspect of catching.

70 minutes.