The Coach’s Guide to Dealing Effectively with Parents

  • Learn to promote a proactive, positive, and coach-controlled atmosphere when dealing with parents
  • Develop an understanding of the families you are dealing with
  • Learn to function with rather than against parents in your program
with Greg Dale, Ph.D.,
Mental Training Coach, Duke UniversityParental issues have become one of the defining factors for determining a coach’s longevity, happiness, and satisfaction with the coaching profession. In this highly informative coaching DVD, Greg Dale takes an in-depth look at what factors into a parent’s behavior and motivation. In addition, Dale takes a close look at what a coach can do to promote a proactive, positive, and coach-controlled atmosphere that will enable you to function “with” rather than “against” an athlete’s parents. The uniqueness of Dale’s presentation is that rather than looking at a particular individual’s behavior, he feels it is imperative to understand the three types of families that a coach will encounter. Dale shares the traits of each of these family types, details the predictable behaviors of the parents and athletes, and gives key recommendations for how to best work with both parent and athlete from each family type. Dale then details how to present and implement parent behavioral strategies for game day and for establishing a positive parental alliance that best serves the needs of the athlete.