The 1-3-2 and the 3-3 Lacrosse Offenses

With Dom Starsia

University of Virginia Head Coach; 3X National Champions (2006, 2003, 1999), 7X ACC Coach of the Year (winningest coach in conference history); National Lacrosse Hall of Fame (2008)

The extra man offense is imperative to assisting your players in taking advantage of scoring opportunities. Coaches Starsia and Van Arsdale present an innovative marker-board demonstration to help you understand the different variable, approaches and formation to utilizing an effective extra man offense. Coach Starsia prepares you to handle several situations, such as a soft zone, 4 & 5 man rotations, the end of a penalty and losing a player. The different formations Starsia includes are Boston 1-3-2, Providence 1-4-1 and New York 2-3-1. Van Arsdale goes over the importance of implementing set plays, freelance plays and penalty plays. These include a 1-3-2 offense and a 3-3 formation. These drills will help you understand the importance of having a high quality feeder and decision-maker. Furthermore, see how to apply your left handed and right handed players in position to put their abilities to the best use. This offense will also make use out of your crease man. In addition, implement an effective 5-man zone with different options: overload one side or create some step-down opportunities. Be ready to handle various dilemmas if your best player is shut off, and maintain playing in a 1-3-2 situation. All in all, this DVD is a “must-have” to anyone’s library that wants to enhance their extra man offense.

53 minutes.